Texas City Foundation Repair

​If you ever start to experience issues with your home’s foundation then it’s time to give us a call at Texas City Foundation Repair, where we act quickly to address your issues and concerns. Our contractors are able to effectively stabilize the home’s foundation.
Foundation problems can be costly but we offer fair pricing at Texas City Foundation Repair. If your foundation was not properly laid prior to moving it then you are likely going to experience one foundation issue after another. If you don’t want the problem to continue to persist, why not allow our foundation contractors to handle the job for you. With their professional training and their level of expertise, you can always rely on our team of experienced contractors to provide you with a more permanent solution to your problems. You could hire any number of foundation repair services in the city but why bother when you now know the name of the preferred service provider, Texas City Foundation Repair. Our services always come with a guarantee of your total satisfaction. What more could anyone ask for?

​About Us

Texas City Foundation Repair has been around for decades, providing homeowners with superior foundation services. Due to our efficient craftsmanship, it is understandable why our foundation services are chosen more often than any others. We proudly offer our customers their money’s worth for every job that we perform, big or small. Our customers know that the job will be done right.
​​We strive to be the best and most trusted choice for your residential and commercial foundation repair services.
  • Locally owned and operated business
  • We offer high quality foundation repair at a great price!
  • We pride ourselves on being one of the most technologically advanced foundation companies in the Houston area.
  • As foundation consultants, we do our best to present options that work best for you and your family while still providing the highest quality foundation repairs.
  • Financing Available, 0% Down or 0% Interest
  •  Lifetime Transferable Warranty, with No Out of Pocket Costs unlike many other company Lifetime Warranties  
  • Referral Program
  • Free Foundation Repair Estimates
  • Chamber of Commerce member
  • 5-star reviews online

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​Our Service

When a foundation problem has been effectively identified then it’s in your best interest to give us a call to make the needed repairs. It is because of the amount of training and the amount of experience that our contractors have that make them the obvious choice when you are experiencing problems with your foundation. We can say with much confidence that with our services, we’ll be able to effectively address your foundation issues.

​Our ServiceHome Leveling

Slab Repair

​Pier and Beam Repair

Home Leveling

If the doors and windows of your home are not closing properly or if you are experiencing your fair share of plumbing issues, this could be due to a problem with your home’s foundation. In many cases, this is the last thing that anyone would ever think is the cause of their troubles. However, in most cases, it is usually what has contributed to the problem that you’re experiencing.

Slab Repair

Whenever there are slab problems that need to be addressed, avoiding the issue will only make matters worse. Instead of taking this unnecessary chance, give Texas City Foundation Repair a call today to determine how we can help with your foundation slab repairs. When there are small cracks in your floor and wall, this is a sign that there is a serious problem stemming from somewhere. Let us find and fix it for you.

Pier and Beam Repair

When your concrete foundation begins to deteriorate, it can cause all sorts of issues with your pier and beam. Our contractors are able to assess the problem to determine the extent of the deterioration and repair it for you in a hurry. With our help, we’ll be able to effectively keep your foundation strong and sturdy.


Concrete/Steel Piling

Free Inspection


Mudjacking might be necessary if you have a home foundation that has shifted. This could cause your walkways and other exterior areas around your home to appear slightly off. After a while, the exterior concrete around your home can become affected by the weather and start to become problematic. When this occurs it might cause changes in the soil. Depending on the severity of the situation, it may require for us to utilize our mudjacking services.

Concrete/ Steel Piling

If your home’s foundation is sitting on a foundation that isn’t deep enough, it might be necessary to add steel piling. It may be deep enough but the soil may not be stable or there could be a problem when the trenches are simply not stable. You may not be fully aware of this problem but we can assure you that our contractors at Texas City Foundation Repair will know how to effectively identify the problem and make any needed repairs and additions to it. We offer proven results!

Free Inspection

Whenever you begin to have structural issues with your home then it might be necessary for you to contact us at Texas City Foundation Repair. With the help of our contractors, we will be able to effectively inspect your property to identify any problems that might exist. You don’t have to take unnecessary chances when our team of experts is only a phone call away. If there are any foundation problems that need to be made, they will be the ones to make them for you.

Contact Us

Our foundation contractors at Texas City Foundation Repair can effectively assist you with the most difficult foundation issues, even if you have a small budget. We know that foundation work can be costly but we do everything in our power to keep cost low. You’ll have to do your part by contacting us as soon as a problem occurs.

“We simply can’t thank Texas City Foundation Repair enough for the job that they did. They were able to come right in and identify the problem that we had with our foundation, whereas, other services couldn’t tell us anything. We would highly recommend their foundation services to anyone looking for quality foundation repairs at affordable prices.” – Larry T.

“When we had an inspection on the home we were purchasing, we chose to go with Texas City Foundation Repair. They have performed inspections for other companies and we knew they would offer us a good rate.” – Carl W.

"There were cracks in our walkway and then we noticed that the concrete started to separate. We figured it was a foundation problem so we decided to call Texas City Foundation Repair. They showed us exactly what the problem was and were able to quickly repair it for us.” – Chad L.