Pier & Beam Repair

The piers that are installed on your concrete footings is what balance the house. In order to be effective, they must be balanced perfectly. The beams are used to keep the structure in place, whereas, the beams are held up by the piers. If you’re having foundation issues then our foundation contractors at Texas City Foundation Repair will have to access them via the crawl space. Piers and beams are made of wood and unfortunately, they can deteriorate over time. Your home’s footing is usually shallow and the soil will sometimes move. When this begins to occur this is something that should be taken care of as soon as possible.

Pier & Beam Problems

Soil that fluctuates underneath your home’s foundation is certainly an issue that can affect the beam and pier. When you call on us to make any changes to your pier and beam, you will not be required to leave your home while we make the needed repairs. It’s easy for our experienced contractors to make the changes, repairs or replacements. If you’re experiencing a problem with the soil all that needs to be done for you to place the call to Texas City Foundation Repair where our contractor will take the necessary steps to secure the pier and beam and level the soil again.

Why Hire Qualified Professionals

It has been discovered that your pier and beam is starting to deteriorate then it’s important that they are repaired as quickly as possible. The good news is that it doesn’t require us to remove the entire floor frame. Our contractor can simply replace the parts of the floor that have been affected. When it is necessary to replace structural parts of the pier and beam, this can be difficult. This is the very reason why we always suggest that you allow someone with proven experience to handle your pier and beam replacement. Instead of removing and replacing a deteriorating system, some companies will simply add to it. This doesn’t resolve the issue. In fact, it often makes it worse because now the weight is uneven. This is the type of thing that will only contribute to the existing problem. However, this is only something that someone with experience and proper training would know. We have the most experienced and qualified contractors who know what it takes to effectively handle your repair needs.

Why Rely on Texas City Foundation Repair

When you turn to us for your foundation repair needs, we really take the time to understand exactly what is causing you trouble. If it is identified as a problem with your pier and beam, we will immediately get to work on identifying the cause of the problem and repairing it. Our contractors have the needed experience to produce the results that you are hoping for. This means that you are assured of being able to get your money’s worth when you work with Texas City Foundation Repair. We don’t back down from any challenging job. Call us when you want proven results!

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